The Tone Protector™: Digital Chanter Cap with Two-Way Humidity Control


A complete reed storage and maintenance system,  the Tone Protector™ instantly improves your bagpipe sound, keeping reeds at constant humidity level to ensure consistent, optimal performance.

The Tone Protector™ was designed and tested by pipers to help you immediately improve your bagpipe sound by giving you more consistent sound from day to day, more stable pitch, greater precision of tuning and longer-lasting reeds, making your pipes easier to tune and easier to play.

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• 1x Tone Protector: Digital Chanter Cap with Two-Way Humidity control
• 2x  Humidity Control Packs (Pre-Calibrated 84% R.H.)
• 1x How to Get A World-Class Bagpipe Sound Handbook
• 1x Personalized One-On-One Support to help you reach your bagpipe tone goals


• Dual-layer reed protector with two-way humidity control
• Digital hygrometer and thermometer with large, easy-to-read LCD display
• Extra large knurled locking thumb screw
• Two-way humidity control technology adds or removes moisture as needed to maintain a precisely controlled, specifically chosen humidity level

Designed, tested and built by Jori Chisholm, founder of and creator of the Bagpipe Gauge and the Piper’s Ultimate Reed Poker.

The Tone Protector™ is covered by these Patents: US10832641, GB2565208, GB2565207.


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