About Bannatyne

“I have been using Bannatyne bags since 2009 and have always been impressed with the quality of the bags, their consistency and the sizes available. I was led down this path as other synthetic bags I had previously used were never that comfortable, although I was completely sold on using a synthetic bag, due to me being a wet blower.

Using the bag and moisture control system gives me maximum control over the quality and stability of my bagpipes.

The bags have long lasting quality and as of yet, I haven’t had to replace a bag. Their performance has been so consistent that I have never looked at another bag since.

I was so impressed with the bag that I asked Craig if he could make me a particular shape of bag to suit me individually and this has given me more comfort for long performances so, the Willie McCallum Hide Bag and Willie McCallum Synthetic Bag were born.

I find this new shape excellent and it gives more comfort generally and more freedom to the left hand, at the same time has helped prevent slippage of the bag.”

Willie McCallum